Kates Story


                   I'm 44 years old, whom was born with Spina Bifida and I have been wheelchair dependent since childhood and with increasing age, my health has been deteriorating. EMMETT Therapy has changed my situation dramatically. From the very first treatment, my left hand, which has always been seized up and unusable since birth, changed instantly. My hand was always tight, fist clenched with my forearm pulled into my body. With EMMETT Therapy on my wrist and forearm, my hand released instantly, I was able to squeeze with strength, pick up things and even fully straighten my arm out in front of me. It was really incredible how the ligaments and muscles released! You could not wipe the smile from my face.

A second debilitating health issue that I have been dealing with, has been an inability to eat due to slow motility of the esophagus. The foods that I could eat comfortably were very limited as it was easy for food to get stuck, causing pain and discomfort. I had got to the point where I wasn't wanting to eat at all because I choked every time I tried to eat and I was scared to eat even with someone sitting with me. Since EMMETT Therapy, the muscles appear more relaxed and I am now enjoying eating meals that I have not consumed for the past couple of years. I have also only choked once which a huge relief.

I can highly recommend EMMETT Therapy. It has changed my life and I am so happy to have discovered this simple and effective treatment for debilitating muscle issues. I would like to thank my therapists, Wayne, Neil and Brett who have made my life much more comfortable and functional one through application of EMMETT Therapy, the results of which are astonishing and I thoroughly recommend this treatment to anyone. I will certainly continue to have more therapy in the future."


Norwood, SA

"I've had four EMMETT Therapy treatments and to say it has changed my health and my life is an understatement...."

Aarons Story

"EMMETT Therapy has helped improve Aaron's quality of life, just when we had accepted this is how it would be due to his disability...."

What I noticed, Aaron could run much more freely, no more awkward style of trying to run, Aaron ran most of the game chasing the ball and calling for the ball to be kicked to him, I hadn't told anyone associated with his team about his treatment. Then before half time Aaron's coach said to me "Wow! Aaron's playing really well today" I said "yes I've also noticed" EMMETT Therapy has helped improve Aaron's Quality of life, when we had just accepted this is how it would be due to his disability.

Shane Bell


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Even with his disability Aaron loves playing soccer, Aaron found it difficult to run and join in due to one of his legs being longer than the other and his lack of confidence, however after a visit to EMMETT Therapy a month ago, the results were very noticeable, Aaron's legs were even and his confidence had increased, the following Sunday Aaron played soccer as usual, I was very keen to watch him play.

EMMETT Therapy has helped my son Aaron. Aaron is 29 years old and developed epilepsy at 4 years old and then an intellectual disability, Aaron has battled with his disability with no complaints, he's had a lot of seizures with many bad falls which has taken its toll on his body. 

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